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Wellbeing at Sherwood Ridge

@SRPS we have a heightened awareness of, and commitment to, personalised and differentiated learning and support for every student to succeed. Wellbeing needs to be contemporary and forward-focused. An individual’s wellbeing is constantly changing. How students feel about themselves and their own wellbeing changes over time, in different situations and circumstances, and in response to community and environmental factors. 

At Sherwood Ridge Public School our inclusive environment will support staff and parents to work together as a learning community in order to give our students the knowledge, skills and experiences to achieve their personal goals and lead successful lives in the 21st Century. 

Teaching teams are structured to support the implementation of Visible Learning and Learner Qualities while collaboratively developing learning intentions, success criteria and providing effective feedback to guide student learning. 

The school’s motto “From Each their Best” underpins all that we do. 

At Sherwood Ridge Public School: 

  • We have a comprehensive and integrated strategy in place to support the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of students in a context of quality teaching and learning.
  • Students, teachers and staff, and members of the wider school community have a shared understanding of the behaviours, attitudes and expectations that enhance wellbeing and lead to improved student outcomes.
  • Individuals care for self, and contribute to the wellbeing of others and the wider community.
  • Effective leadership guides the development of a highly effective school.
  • The resources and expertise of the system at every level are targeted to meet the wellbeing needs of all students.
  • Quality teaching and effective professional practice are evident in every learning environment.
  • Teaching and learning occurs in environments that celebrate difference and diversity and recognise, respect and respond to identity and cultural background.

The Sherwood Ridge wellbeing policy can be found in the rules and policies section under the "about our school" tab on the home page. 

How can schools positively influence the wellbeing of students? 

Wellbeing can be shaped by a number of broad influences including the degree to which there is an experience of: choice, achievement of meaningful goals, positive relationships, enjoyment, personal growth and development, health, and safety. 

Choice is important because it impacts positively on a student’s learning and engagement in schooling. It contributes to enhanced motivation, interest and commitment to tasks. The provision of choice supports self-regulation, self-discipline and achievement. When students have choice and opportunities to engage in activities that are of interest and value to them, their wellbeing is enhanced. 

Achievement contributes positively to a student’s wellbeing, and can contribute to a student’s confidence and self-esteem. It can help to foster student self-discipline and effort, encourage students to stretch themselves and take risks in their learning. Achievement fosters positive emotions which can build further engagement and effort. 

Positive relationships foster connectedness and feelings of belonging and are essential for wellbeing. These relationships are characterised by constructive interactions that provide enthusiastic and genuine support. They are important because they help us to build social and emotional skills and in turn nurture other positive, caring and respectful relationships. 

Connect Thrive Succeed

Expectations of Behaviour 

At Sherwood Ridge PS we are safe, respectful learners across all settings and is demonstrated through the targeted and explicit teaching of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies