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Multicultural Education & Anti-Racism 2015

In 2015, due to global events, there was an increased awareness of multicultural and anti-racism matters. Discussions on cultural practices were incorporated into classroom teaching and learning programs, incidentally and as dictated by the syllabuses.  Throughout the year, four incidents were referred to the Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) for follow up and did not recur. A Harmony Day picnic was held in March and was well-attended by parents and grandparents.  Telephone interpreters were available throughout the year for use during parent/teacher interviews although few were required.

English language proficiency currently EAL/D program 2015

46% of the school population comprises students from Language Backgrounds Other Than English (LBOTE) and 55 languages are spoken in the school community. In 2015, an English As An Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) teacher was employed for four days each week to meet the needs of students who were identified as requiring support to increase their English language proficiency. The EAL/D teacher assisted classroom  teachers to design and teach differentiated activities according to the needs of the targeted  EAL/D  students, with the aim of incorporating EAL/D pedagogy and strategies in classroom practice.  In addition, two students accessed the New Arrivals Program which ran four days each week for one hour each day. This program ensured that the English language learning of the newly arrived students was expedited to enable them to participate effectively in classroom activities. The parents of these students received a specific EAL/D report at the end of each semester which detailed their achievements in the English language areas of oral, reading and responding and writing. No refugee students were enrolled in the school this year.

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