Sherwood Ridge Public School

From Each Their Best

Telephone02 8824 3333

Important Information

School Hours

9:00am – 3:00pm

Recess: 11:00- 11:25pm

Lunch Eating Time: 1:00pm- 1:10pm

Lunch 1 1:10- 1:35pm

Lunch 2 1:35- 2:00pm

Partial Absences

If arriving late or leaving early, parents are required to phone or come to the office or provide a note outlining the reason for the late arrival and or early departure. Students arriving late and / or leaving early will be provided with a late note from the office for the class teacher. Please note that due to student numbers and school size, the school’s Office is unable to call for students over the PA during recess 11.00am - 11.25am and or the lunch breaks 1.10pm - 2.00pm. Parents will need to collect students prior to and or after break times.


If your child is absent, please ensure a note outlining the reason for the absence, is given to the class teacher as soon as your child returns to school. 


Parents are reminded that access to the staff car park is restricted to authorised vehicles only. Parents will only be permitted to enter through the boom gate during the hours stated or if an Authorised Parking Permit is clearly displayed. (Disabled permit). Parents MUST display an Authorised Parking Permit.

For parents accessing Before and After school care, our car park is restricted to the hours of 5.00pm to 6:00pm each day.

Thank you for your understanding and support in ensuring that safety remains our highest priority.

Travel to School

Kiss and Drop: If you drive your child to school, please use the designated "kiss and drop" zone outside the front gate. Pull over into the "kiss and drop" area, kiss your child goodbye then pull out again. If there is a queue, please be patient as the safest place to let your child out is at the end of the "kiss and drop" area - NOT in the middle of Rosebery Road! Please be aware that the "kiss and drop" zone only operates in the morning not the afternoon. 

Bus: Hillsbus currently operates a service to and from school. Current services include 2609, 2074, 2601. Details on how to apply for a school bus pass can be found here

Walking: If your child walks to school it is most important that he or she enters the school through the front gate on Rosebery Road and not through the teacher's car park. 

Bike: Bike racks are situated near the Park Ridge side gate and the Braemar Ave side gate, available for students use. All students riding bikes to school must wear a helmet. One child per bike!

School History

Sherwood Ridge Public School opened its doors to students for the first time on 28 January 2004. At this time the school had 8 mainstream classes between Kindergarten and Year 6 and 2 support classes. The founding Principal of Sherwood Ridge is Mrs Jan Marshall. The current Principal is Jody Sullivan. In the weeks following the school's inception, students, parents and teachers came together to give birth to: four sporting houses - Air, Fire, Earth and Water; three core values - community, respect and learning; and the school motto "From Each Their Best".