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Premier's Reading Challenge

PrC 2016


The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) is a NSW Government initiative to encourage students to develop a love for reading. It is not a competition, but a challenge for students to read books and read a broader range of books. Children from Kindergarten to Year 2 are required to read 30 books from a selected booklist, while children from Years 3 to 6 are required to read 20 books from a comparable list.


In 2015 Sherwood Ridge had 750 pupils complete the challenge, which is a huge 83% of the student population!


Parents should have received a hard-copy letter detailing the Premier's Reading Challenge. Please see the school office if you require a copy. The Premier's Reading Challenge opened on Monday, 7th March 2016 and will close on Friday, 19th August 2016. 

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that all books read for the challenge are entered online and will be validated by the teacher-librarians if completed by the due date. Students in Years 2-6, who attend the Learning Centre for a lesson, have been shown how to enter their books. With a younger child, you may like to assist them by following the instructions below: 

1) Search - NSW Premier's Reading Challenge on the internet or login to NSW PRC Challenge  

2) On the left hand side of the page click on login

3) Enter your child's username and password. (Their user name is their firstname.lastname and their password is their class name for example, 3d - except for Years 5-6, who are allowed to make up their own password). Some children will have a number after their name but they should know the number. Please see your child's class teacher if you need further clarification. There are no capital letters and no spaces. Example: username - susan.newcome; password - kv.

4) Click on Student Reading Records at the top of the column on the left hand side. 

5) To enter books, type the title of the books in the title space and the title should appear below for you to click on. 

6) Click on add at the end of the row. 

If a book title starts with The, A or An leave these words out of the title. Many students have been shown this process during their library time. For those who are capable, it would be great for them to enter books read independently, as it gives them a greater sense of achievement.  

Please note that only two books in a particular series may be entered. Please see one of the teacher-librarians if you have any questions.