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Visible Learning

Visible Learning at Sherwood Ridge Public School


At Sherwood Ridge Public School we continue to ensure professional learning for all teachers is at the forefront of the current research indicating best practice. 

Visible Learning is part of our daily practice @SRPS. Key areas of focus include:

  • Providing explicit feedback
  • Fostering  a growth mindset, 
  • Student goal setting through Seesaw
  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

In 2019 we are supporting the ongoing development of visible learning through the implementation of Spirals of Inquiry. Sprials of Inquiry supports staff in embedding formative and summative assessement along with opportunities for staff to regularly meet to reveiw student progress collectively and forward plan. This process  ensures that  the learning needs of all students are met and progress is measured, resulting in improved learning outcomes for all.

We will continue to implment the 2018-2020 school plan with

  • Evidence of learning intentions and success criteria evident in Creative Arts, History and Geography. 
  • Teacher Professional Learning for staff on the use of Visible Learning and Data Walls 
  • Effective use of Data walls to improve goal setting and monitoring