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Sherwood Ridge is a dynamic and innovative Kindergarten to Year 6 school located in north west Sydney. We have a deep commitment to providing quality educational experiences that ensure the learning outcomes of all children are catered for.




‘From Sherwood Cottage to the valley, from the amphitheatre to the Yarning Circle, I acknowledge and choose to appreciate the Darug nation and their people as the true owners of the land on which we work, learn, play and grow. I acknowledge any Aboriginal people present today. I endeavour to care for and sustain the land forevermore in order to pay respects to the Elders both past, present and emerging for they hold the traditions, memories, culture and hopes of Aboriginal Australia.’


Sherwood Cottage

Rosebery Road, Kellyville

The old cottage was built in 1883 by Frank Sherwood and Jim Armstrong, who cut their own timber and built it out of slab and clay. There were four rooms, two of which had dirt floors.

The house belonged to Frank and Elizabeth Sherwood who moved their 12 children from Wrights Road, Kellyville, to their new home just after it was completed. Believed to be the first settlers of Rosebery Road, the Sherwood family owned 10 acres of land surrounding the cottage and maintained an orchard where they grew citrus and stone fruit.

It was located just behind the school’s Rosebery Road front gate entrance.

The cottage stood proud for 110 years until it was severely damaged in a storm leading to its partial collapse and demolition in 1993. It was the focus of an archaeological investigation in 2004 prior to the school being built.

All that remains today is the timber outline of its original footprint.

The archaeological site is listed and described in the Department of Education and Training Heritage and Conservation register (s170 register)  .

All archaeological reports are lodged at the school, with copies forwarded to the Heritage Office, local Council and local library.

This archaeological site is put forward for listing on the State Heritage Register.

The memory of the home and the family who lived in it is preserved permanently in the name of the school, Sherwood Ridge Public School, which was officially opened in 2004. 

Sherwood Bear

Sherwood Cottage