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Future Focused Learning

Future Focused Learning@SRPS

Future focused learning across the school

In 2019 we are committed to deepening teacher understanding of future focused pedagogy and its implementation within the classroom. Teachers are engaging in professional development throughout the year to support their knowledge and understanding of how this approach improves student outcomes and provides students with the skills to thrive in todays society.

Future focused pedagogy 

  • engages and inspires 
  • motivates and promotes life long learning
  • supports global citizenship
  • prepares students for the future
  • teaches the skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and Creativity

@SRPS we are acheiveing this through

  • supporting learning environments that are flexible through the use of  furniture and open classrooms
  • team teaching
  • collaborative programming
  • innovative pedagogy

The Learning Centre - An Action Research Project

This year, we have transformed our Learning Centre as part of our Future Focused Action Reasearch Project into an innovative learning space for all of year 4. The Learning Centre is the home for all year 4 classes with the classes rotating between the Learning Centre and a double brick classroom. 

This exciting learning space is filled with the latest interactive panels, personal devices and flexible furniture to allow students to select the most appropriate location and seating to suit the learning task.

Our Year 4 teachers are experienced in implementing future focused pedagogy with a passion for student centred learning and inquiry based programming.

Please come and see what we are doing down in the Learning Centre, it is sure to impress!